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Consulting Psychologists of Color Annual Conference

2024 | Atlanta, GA

A gathering of folks at the fountain.


Inaugural Annual In-Person Conference of the CP-OC

Inspired by our cornerstone Learning Circles, the 2024 Conference of the Consulting Psychologists of Color will provide an opportunity to uncover and expand Connections, shape thoughtful and action-initiating Conversations, and generate Commitments to provide support to each other.

The Gathering will provide us with a weekend of opportunities to take those Connections, Conversations, and Commitments. We will have the added benefits of interacting in person, taking advantage of some of what the City of Atlanta has to offer.

Network with CP-OC Members.

Discover new tools, resources, and skills.

Gain access to exclusive industry updates.

Share your expertise, knowledge, and work.

We want your thoughts

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Charging Our Connections

There are more details to come and opportunities to contribute to designing The Gathering. Imagine charging our Connections, appreciating the similarities and differences of our experiences as the “first or few”; not intending to be “the last or only”; and uncovering the Connections between our self-identities as Persons of Color! 


Empowering Our Conversations

Rather than keynote speakers, imagine facilitators shaping deep and stimulating Conversations around areas like:


  • The dynamics of similarities when you get to coach or lead someone who looks like you 

  • Responding to the charge of an African proverb, “until the lion learns how to write, the stories will always favor the hunter’ by intentionally researching and publishing more

  • Building our temples for tomorrow, strong as we know how – What foundations will build your business to last and make a difference

  • Eyes and Ears Wide Open – How Traditions and Trends Impact Achieving Our Missions

“He who masters the power formed by a group of people working together has within his grasp one of the greatest powers known to man.”
– Idowu Koyenikan


Building Our Commitments

The Gathering is intended to add to your journey. Through your attendance, you further your professional commitments by participating in round-robin style exchanges that focus on:

  • Offering support and resources to others

  • Sharing your needs to build a larger conversation

  • Asking your questions and finding answers

  • Exchanging industry insights with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and demographics

  • Providing personal testimonials


Unlike traditional conferences focused on panel discussions, the CP-OC annual conference encourages group discussion and the exchange of information.

Plan Ahead

Consulting Psychologists of Color Annual Conference 2024

Please reach out to me at I welcome your reactions, suggestions, and any interest in joining the Planning Committee.

Keep breathing. Keep growing. Stay connected.

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