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Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategies

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To provide learning resources and opportunities to increase the effectiveness of consultants at all stages of their careers applying psychology to developing more and better leaders, high performing teams, and successful organizations and communities that leverage diversity in ways to fully utilize the contributions of all human resources.



Focused leadership and organization development support will be essential to exceptional and sustained effectiveness. Leadership and top-tier performing organizations will represent the diversity of our communities. Choices for diverse consultants of color will be limitless!



  1. We grow together learning and sharing

  2. We build on strengths

  3. We are intentional in our efforts to make a difference, celebrating and levering differences and similarities



Our overall strategy is guided by sharpening our focus on a few things that matter.

  • Our primary approach to building this community is by leveraging personal connections. 

  • Our strategies include intentionally connecting others together.

  • We include approaches that increase visibility and access.

  • We provide a range of learning platforms.

  • We welcome a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

  • We anchor our offerings in research, theory, lived-experiences and practical applications.

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